Why Choose US?

Look the chart below and see thousands dollars will be saved every year, that is why more and more restaurant owners are now choosing Self Order System.

    POS System

  • It is time to dump your multiple workstations with mobile tablet sysetems and save thousands dollars.

  • Traditional POS  4 Workstations  $2000/Workstation*4=$8000.00  Unknown license fee 
    Self Order System  One Workstation with 3 tablets  $1900+3*$200=$2500  Optional $99.00 license fee/Year  No license fee with online order purchase 
  • Saving more than $4000.00

    Online Order

  • You are not just to use the best technology to simplify your online order process, but also, save huge commisson fees.

  • 10% Comission Fee Online Order Serivce  $500.00/Month  $500.00*12=$6000.00 
    5% Comission Fee Online Order Serivce  $250.00/Month  $250.00*12=$3000.00 
    Online Store  $1.00/Day  $1.00*365=$365.00 
  • Saving more than $3000.00

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  • Once we receive your menu, we will setup your web site in couples days.

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